ecobee Smart Thermostat

Case study

Influencer marketing + UGC delivers long-term performance

ecobee, a leading smart home company, approached Sundae to enhance its overall digital return on investment (ROI) in both organic and paid social channels. The company aimed to maximize its online presence, engage a broader audience, and increase conversions for its innovative line of smart thermostats and home automation devices.

Targeted Influencer Selection
We meticulously researched and identified influencers in the home automation, energy conservation, and sustainable living niches. Our goal was to partner with authentic influencers who aligned with ecobee’s brand values and had high engagement levels.

ecobee influencer ecobee influencer ecobee influencer

Creative Content Licensing
Instead of relying solely on organic posts from prominent influencers, we negotiated content licensing agreements with influencers. This approach allowed ecobee to leverage high-quality content across multiple marketing channels, including paid social, websites, apps, email marketing, and more.

ecobee influencer content ecobee influencer content ecobee influencer content

Performance Editorial Techniques
Our content studio worked closely with the influencers to optimize the licensed content for various platforms. We employed performance editorial techniques to craft compelling narratives that highlighted ecobee’s unique selling points and drove conversions effectively.


Our collaboration with ecobee led to remarkable results, transforming their digital ROI in organic and paid social channels.

Increased Conversions Through our strategic content deployment and optimization, the brand witnessed a substantial rise in online sales and customer engagement.

Improved Brand Awareness By leveraging the power of influencers and their highly targeted audiences, the campaign effectively introduced ecobee’s smart home products to a broader demographic, expanding its customer base.

Enhanced Digital ROI Our comprehensive approach, combining influencer marketing and performance media techniques, resulted in a remarkable improvement in ecobee’s digital ROI, generating more revenue while optimizing marketing spend across multiple channels.

Drove overall CPMs down by 29% Our performance media strategies, including content optimization and channel selection, achieved a 29% reduction in ecobee’s cost per thousand impressions (CPMs).

Lowered paid social CPC by 53% By leveraging influencer content and optimizing paid social campaigns, we achieved a significant 53% reduction in ecobee’s cost per click (CPC) for paid social ads.

Increased Q4 ROAS by 59% YOY During the most crucial period of the year, our influencer marketing and performance media strategies resulted in a remarkable 59% year-over-year increase in ecobee’s Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

With our tailored approach, using targeted influencer selection, creative content licensing, performance editorial techniques, and channel optimization, we helped ecobee to establish a strong online presence, effectively engage their target audience, and position themselves as leaders in the smart home industry.

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