GrubHub wanted to connect with tastemakers to promote their amazing lunch-from-work restaurant partners in New York.


Influencer Identification
Sundae recruited premium creators in Brooklyn to captivate the hearts and taste buds of young audiences by sharing their “Lunch Break Stories.”

... ... ...

Premium Strategic Content
Alongside the delectable sights and sounds of meals being prepared, “Lunch Break Stories” showcased GrubHub’s convenient ordering process in the context of a day-in-the-life of our talented creators.

... ... ...

Performance Editorial and Paid Social
Expanding the campaign’s reach beyond organic influence, we edited the creators’ content for ad placements in paid social media, targeting specific geographic locations and age groups to deliver hyper-efficient reach and impressive engagement.

... ...

With talented creators, premium content and targeted paid social, “Lunch Break Stories” positioned GrubHub as the most delectable and convenient way for young New Yorkers to do lunch.

  • Efficient Targeted Reach The campaign reached over 500,000 young people in New York and New Jersey through paid social media.

  • 120,000 Video Views Over 120,000 people watched at least 3 seconds of a “Lunch Break Story”, and about one-third of them watched an entire video.

  • Over 25,000 Engagements The campaign racked up over 25,000 likes, comments and shares on organic and paid social media.

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