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Case study

Enhancing brand awareness among new motorcyclists for Allstate

Allstate, the insurance powerhouse, approached Sundae with an exciting challenge: to ignite brand awareness among new motorcyclists. They wanted to make a strong statement in the motorcycle insurance market and catch the eye of this adventurous crowd.

Premium Content Creators
Sundae identified motorcycle enthusiasts with the ability to capture compelling stories around motorcycle culture and authentically connect with their followers. This crew of premium content creators was enlisted to serve not only as talent but also as producers and videographers for a broader pool of riders and influencers.

Allstate influencer Allstate influencer Allstate influencer

Strategic Content Platform
Sundae devised a social content platform that was as exhilarating as a wind-in-your-hair ride. Tapping into awe-inspiring scenes and unforgettable moments, creators shared their very first experiences on a motorcycle, effectively connecting Allstate with the emotions and aspirations of new motorcyclists.

Allstate influencer content Allstate influencer content Allstate influencer content

Allowlisting and Paid Social
Optimizing the long-form videos for various ad placements, Sundae deployed the content in paid social to reach a vast national audience. Allowlisting (running the ads from the content creators’ own social media channels) was used to maximize viewership and engagement.


Allstate’s collaboration with Sundae yielded impressive results, significantly improving brand recall and exceeding campaign goals.

Improved Brand Recall The initiative achieved a 5.6% improvement in brand recall, indicating successful brand engagement and retention among the new motorcyclist audience.
(Source: Meta Brand Lift Study, 2019)

Impressive Reach The campaign generated 91 million impressions, far exceeding the initial goal and effectively exposing the target audience to Allstate’s brand messaging and positioning.

Outperformed Category CPMs by 12x An indicator of successful content strategy and optimization, Sundae’s campaign outperformed the industry’s average cost per thousand impressions (CPMs) by 12 times.

Engaging Video Views The campaign garnered 10.8 million video views and strong engagement, with 50% of viewers watching at least half of the video content.

With Sundae as the engine of its success and creators as the fuel, Allstate left a lasting impression as the go-to insurance provider for motorcyclists everywhere.

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