We help brands scale influencer marketing.

Welcome to Sundae—the influencer marketing agency that leverages creator content and paid social to help you scale your messaging, maximize ROI, and transform your social performance.

Our process and technology makes influencer marketing easier, higher quality, and more attributable.

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Our process

An evolved approach to influencer marketing

Just-in-time casting

Sundae’s influencer discovery process brings you the freshest, most interested talent aligned with your brief and brand. You’ll never have to sort through spreadsheets of talent again!

Move beyond organic

You’ll get the same organic reach as traditional influencer marketing. And with extended licenses for all the photo and video assets, you can use the content in paid social and your whole organization will have free reign across organic, paid, .com, and CRM.

Test and optimize

Sundae delivers a constant stream of creative and optimizes it for all your paid social needs. Combined with the robust licenses on every piece of content, you’ll always have fresh studio-perfect assets for every season and sale.

Creator-level attribution

Sync your paid social with our platform and see the true ROI from each of your creators, from source asset to ad cutdowns. With Sundae, you’ll know what talent makes the best content to drive specific, measurable outcomes.

Our Platform

Sundae’s platform oversees all your creator, content, archiving and media tasks


Sundae quickly pairs brands with interested creators and builds the foundation for successful campaigns.

Talent selection expertise

Sundae’s talent team hand-picks a portfolio of creators that match our approved discovery brief.

Soft sounding

We’ll put out anonymous feelers so you only review “warm” talent that fit your budget, production schedule, and content requirements.

Easy review and approvals

You pick your favorites in Scoops, and we get them under contract quickly. Six-month content licenses are standard for paid and organic usage.

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A progressive approach to creator partnerships ensures brand safety, robust licensing terms, and happy, transparent bilateral brand engagements

Social expertise

Strategic briefing and onboarding handled by social content professionals.

Treatments and scripts

Creator-led treatment submissions

Professional digital content studio

Sundae routinely color corrects, repairs audio, and adds licensed music to creator content. We also add branding, subtitles, and offers to help your creator content perform in paid social.

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Sundae specializes in paid social media buying to bring meaningful results at scale. Guaranteed.

Allowlisting for performance

In mid-funnel testing, ads deployed from creator accounts on Meta outperform brand channel ads by 30%.

Full-service paid social buying

We plan and buy full-funnel media across paid social. Our expertise and attention to detail lead to ever-improving results and compelling success narratives based on quantitative performance data and qualitative content insights.

Test and scale

Our studio and media teams collaborate to test and scale winning angles and creatives.

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“Our recruitment team has seen the great work you’ve all done so far and they are very excited about the results you’ve produced. We really appreciate your partnership and how wonderful it is to work with you all. Great job!”

Hillary G.
Teach for America

“In today’s climate, marketers need to spend incrementally, learn quickly, and pivot on-the-fly. Sundae scales world-class creative influencer outputs and pairs it with a clear-eyed focus on hard-working performance KPIs. We came to Sundae looking for influencer marketing, but they raised the bar and delivered so much more.”

VP, Brand
Elysium Health