Supercharge your social media performance with a tech-enabled agency partner

Unify your influencer marketing, user-generated content, performance editorial, and paid social.

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Disjointed process and unrealized potential

Tedious, chaotic, and time-consuming
Sub-premium and nonstrategic content
Unpredictable and unscalable


Unify social content and media buying

Frictionless, streamlined, purpose-built service to help your brand win in digital
Strategic, premium Influencer/UGC content from the ideal creators for your business
Scalable outcomes by linking content creation, creative studio services, and performance media buying
How It Works

Sundae’s tech-enabled platform oversees all your creator, content, archiving and media tasks


Finding the ideal influencers for your brand is foundational to creating successful content programs.

Sundae’s talent team hand-picks a portfolio of creators

We’ll put out anonymous feelers so you only review “warm” talent

You pick your favorites in Scoops, and we get them under contract quickly

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Merging strategic content practices with proven production principles ensures better outcomes.

Strategic briefing and onboarding handled by social content professionals

Creator-led treatment submissions

Professional digital content studio
(Design, editorial, formatting, versioning, optimizations, and adaptations)

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Sundae specializes in paid social media buying to bring meaningful results at scale. Guaranteed.

Full-service paid social buying

Real-time reporting dashboard

Studio and media teams collaborate to test and scale winning angles and creatives

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“Our recruitment team has seen the great work you’ve all done so far and they are very excited about the results you’ve produced. We really appreciate your partnership and how wonderful it is to work with you all. Great job!”

Hillary G.
Teach for America

“In today’s climate, marketers need to spend incrementally, learn quickly, and pivot on-the-fly. Sundae scales world-class creative influencer outputs and pairs it with a clear-eyed focus on hard-working performance KPIs. We came to Sundae looking for influencer marketing, but they raised the bar and delivered so much more.”

VP, Brand
Elysium Health