Elysium Health, the pioneering health and wellness brand, approached Sundae looking to connect with key prospects and guide them through the customer journey, ultimately converting them into loyal buyers and subscribers. Their goal was to leverage influencer marketing and targeted paid social strategies to reach their target audience effectively.


Micro-Influencer Marketing
Sundae identified micro-influencers who closely matched Elysium Health’s target audience’s lifestage. These influencers possessed the ability to authentically connect with their followers and share compelling product use stories aligned with their age and physical conditioning.

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Compelling Content Creation
Sundae collaborated with talent, coaching them to produce compelling product use stories that resonated with their age group. By leveraging the authentic experiences and narratives of these individuals, Elysium Health could build trust and credibility among their target audience.

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Targeted Paid Social Campaigns
Sundae implemented targeted paid social campaigns to prospect, re-target, and convert potential buyers and subscribers. By strategically deploying ads on platforms where the target audience is most active, Elysium Health could effectively reach and engage prospects with personalized messaging and offers.

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Our collaboration with Elysium at Sundae Collective yielded impressive results, driving customer acquisition, engagement, and increased revenue.

  • 3.8x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

  • 59,000 New Prospects

  • 140% Average Order Value

Additionally, over the past three years, our partnership with Elysium at Sundae has been an ongoing success. We have continuously satisfied their robust content needs, catering to various product launches and seasonal demands. By leveraging creators who excel at delivering premium strategic content, we consistently outperformed Elysium’s other paid social initiatives.

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