Expect More from Influencer Marketing Platforms

It’s no secret that influencer marketing is a powerful way to create content, reach audiences, and drive meaningful results for your business. But while influencer marketing can be incredibly fruitful, it can also be challenging to execute correctly.

Many businesses especially struggle to navigate influencer platforms, which can be expensive, difficult to use, and provide little professional support. This is where Sundae’s Scoops comes in. Scoops is a workflow tool designed specifically for influencer marketing, and we make the process easier from start to finish. With real humans guiding your program, you’ll have an easier time influencer discovery, contracting, briefing, and content review.

Sundae’s Scoops simplifies and improves the influencer marketing process for busy agency and brand marketers. If you’re looking for a better way to do influencer marketing, we’re it.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is the process of partnering with influencers — those who create content for engaged audiences, large or small — in order to promote your products or services. It’s a powerful tool and one that can be incredibly successful if executed correctly.

Why should you care?

Because influencer marketing can be a great way to reach new customers and promote your products or services in a more authentic way than traditional advertising.

What’s the problem?

The problem is that influencer marketing is difficult to get right. Many businesses struggle with influencer marketing platforms, which are intended to make influencer marketing easier and better. In reality, they are challening to use, bloated with unnecessary features, and provide little strategic support to busy marketers.

The challenges of working with influencer marketing platforms

Many businesses struggle with influencer marketing platforms, which are expensive, difficult to use, and provide little strategic support.

Influencer discovery

With Influencer Marketing Platforms, narrowing down the array of influencers who are a good fit for your products or services can be daunting. There are too many influencers to choose from, and it’s hard to know where to start.

Working with Sundae via our Scoops workflow, we identify influencers who are an ideal match for your products or services, and then we reach out to them on your behalf. You won’t see any disinterested or non-responsive influencers in the Scoops Creator channel, only creators who’ve replied “maybe” to our bespoke outreach about the project, compensation structure, license parameters, and schedule.

Influencer Influencer

There are too many influencers to choose from, and it’s hard to know where to start.

Sundae’s clients consistently tell us seeing only fresh, interested influencers has drastically improved their satisfaction with influencer marketing and helped them justify doing it more often.

Influencer marketing platforms provide famously inadequate professional and strategic support—that’s a feature, not a bug

It’s impossible to develop great influencer content without skilled, dedicated professionals making decisions, creating relationships, and setting expectations for and with creators. While Influencer SaaS platforms attempt to foresee your brand’s unique challenges, a Community Forum and Help Chat aren’t going to solve strategic marketing issues for you and your business.

We built Scoops expressly to create premium social content at scale. Sundae employs have a team of brand managers, strategists, and influencer experts who support you every step of the way — from influencer discovery to contract negotiation to content review. You won’t be left in the dark with Sundae.

Influencer contracting and content licensing demands professional attention

With SaaS platforms, there’s a lack of transparency and data around influencer compensation, making it difficult to budget for programs and to understand exactly what you’re buying.

We believe in influencer transparency and fair compensation. Our team will work with you to develop a competitive compensation package that meets your budget requirements. And then we’ll deliver what we’ve promised. You’ll know what you’re paying for, and you can be confident that influencers are being fairly compensated for their work and for the licenses we acquire with your budget.

Influencer Marketing Platforms = Feature Bloat

Slow, overly-complicated and unnecessary “features” make it difficult to navigate programs and get campaigns off the ground. That’s been our experience with Influencer Marketing Platforms and the primary reason we decided to develop our Scoops workflow on “top” of them.

Our influencer marketing platform was purpose-built to make social content at scale. We have a well-oiled process that’ll get your initiative airborne quickly. We’ll take care of influencer outreach, contract negotiation, content creation, and review. You can focus on what you do best, and we’ll handle the details that drag down influencer marketing efforts across industries and organizations.

Lots of data, little insight.

Everybody has the data. But do you have a social marketing partner who can help you understand what’s working and why?

We do. Our team of influencer experts will help you measure and optimize your program for the best results. We track organic and paid results, so you can see the ROI of your influencer marketing program.

Lack of control over influencer content, leading to concerns about brand safety

We give you the control you need to ensure that influencer content is on-brand and aligned with your marketing objectives. Our team of influencer experts will work with you to develop creative briefs that clearly articulate your brand voice, style, and messaging.

You will review and approve all influencer content before it goes live, so you can be confident that your brand is being represented in the best possible light.

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Sundae’s Scoops — better influencer marketing campaigns.

At Sundae, we know that influencer marketing can be a powerful tool — but only if it’s done right. Our Scoops workflow is designed specifically for influencer marketing professionals and agencies, and we make the process easier from start to finish. With real humans guiding your program, you’ll be sitting in the catbird’s seat as we guide you through influencer discovery, contracting, briefing, and content reviews.

Once the content is live, Scoops tracks organic and paid results, and all the fruits of our labor — the content, licenses, captions and performance data — is warehoused on the platform so the whole organization can download available assets and deploy them for their own various purposes.

No substitute for a positive experience with seasoned professionals

One of the primary benefits of using Sundae’s Scoops is the team’s extensive experience with influencer marketing. Our team has worked with brands and agencies of all sizes, and we understand what works and what doesn’t. We know how to find influencers, negotiate contracts, create content that resonates with audiences, and track results.

We also know that influencer marketing can be a challenge to manage, which is why we’ve designed our workflow to make things easier. Scoops simplifies and improves the influencer marketing process for busy agency and brand marketers.

Influencer platforms can be daunting, but Sundae’s Scoops makes the process easier. With our streamlined workflow and expert staff, we identify the influencers for you, contracting them, briefing them, and reviewing their work. Our platform is purpose-built to make strategic, premium social content at scale and deliver real business results.

Finding the right influencer marketing platform can be a challenge. Too many features can make it difficult to navigate, and you may not have the control you need over influencer content. At Sundae, our Scoops workflow simplifies and improves the process with experienced professionals who know how to find influencers, contract them, brief them, and review their work.

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