The Power of Performance Editorial: Enhancing the Impact of Organic Influencer Content

For modern marketers, influencer marketing has become a game-changer for brands to connect with their audience. Frequently, however, organic influencer posts lack focus and impact. That's where performance editorial comes in.

For modern marketers, influencer marketing has become a game-changer for brands to connect with their audience. Frequently, however, organic influencer posts lack focus and impact. That's where performance editorial comes in. By putting organic influencer content through the editorial process, as Sundae Collective does, it gains a new level of effectiveness and engagement. In this blog post, we'll dive deep into how performance editorial reveals the true potential of influencer content and maximizes its impact.

Defining Performance Editorial

Performance editorial is the process of refining and optimizing organic influencer content to make it work harder and deliver stronger results. It’s critical for social marketers to understand the importance of this approach. By applying editorial techniques, you can enhance the focus, clarity, and overall impact of influencer content. It’s about revealing the underlying message that already exists within the organic asset and making it shine.

The Benefits of Performance Editorial for Influencer Marketing

When organic influencer content goes through the performance editorial process, it gains significant benefits. By refining and optimizing the content, brands can unlock its full potential. Performance editorial ensures that the message becomes clearer, more compelling, and highly targeted to resonate with the intended audience. It takes the organic asset and elevates it to deliver stronger engagement, increased conversions, and ultimately, better ROI.

Leveraging Influencer Partnerships

Collaborating with influencers who have already created organic content is a smart approach, whether the brand commissioned it or they made it unsolicited and without a contract. These creators have a unique voice and connection with their audience. Performance editorial builds upon this foundation by aligning the influencer’s message with the brand’s objectives. By focusing on the strengths of each influencer and aligning their message with the brand’s values, performance editorial creates a powerful combination that captivates the audience.

The Content Studio: Amplifying the Message

The creative studio plays a pivotal role in the performance editorial process. It takes the raw organic content and amplifies the message through careful editing, graphic design, and storytelling techniques. The studio will ensure that the influencer’s content is polished, cohesive, and aligned with the brand’s visual identity. By maximizing the impact of the content, the studio creates a powerful narrative that grabs attention and drives desired actions.

Deploying Content through Paid Social

One of the primary roles of performance editorial is to enhance the reach and engagement of influencer content via paid social. By combining performance editorial with targeted paid social campaigns, you can ensure that the refined content reaches a wider audience. Platforms like Meta and TikTok offer great opportunities to amplify the impact of influencer campaigns through precise targeting and strategic ad placements. By leveraging the power of paid social, brands can maximize the reach and engagement of their performance-enhanced influencer content.

Case Studies and Success Stories

Real-life examples always speak volumes. Let’s dive into some success stories of brands that have experienced remarkable results by applying performance editorial to their influencer marketing efforts. These case studies will highlight how performance editorial revealed the true potential of organic influencer content and transformed it into a powerful marketing asset. From increased engagement to higher conversions, the success stories will showcase the tangible benefits of this approach.


Dashlane was looking to expand their consumer base and drive more cost efficient downloads online. Sundae created a library of high-performing content that attracted new customers and even identified a new target (women 35-54) who the brand had not previously focused on.

  • 4 source assets turned into 24 licensed ads (plus resizes)
  • Improved app registration by 3x among female audience
  • New content was deployed in organic and paid social, in the app, and on landing pages supporting trial offer


Sundae licensed, optimized and allowlisted existing Zitsticka influencer content for Meta. Our collaboration replenished the brand’s asset library and drove competitive volumes of sales and subscriptions for Skin Discipline in paid social.

  • Created 44 versions from 7 source assets
  • Isolated best offers and re-cut assets to match
  • Drove down CPA target by 23%

Bringing It All Together: Sundae Collective’s Approach

At Sundae Collective, we understand the power of performance editorial in maximizing the impact of organic influencer content. By revealing the message that already exists within the organic asset and applying editorial techniques, we unlock the true potential of influencer marketing. Our focus is on making influencer content work harder, delivering stronger engagement, and driving better results. Through collaboration with influencers, strategic refinement in our content studio, and leveraging paid social,

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